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Glastender, Inc. is a family owned business manufacturing stainless steel bar and restaurant equipment.

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Glastender fully automatic glasswashers replace hand washing to save labor and speed service. In addition, the compact design of our glasswashers saves floor space. All of our models are manufactured with complete stainless steel construction and include a stationary spray box engineered for maximum soil removal, a pumped wash and rinse for consistent pressure, and automatic detergent and sanitizer metering pumps.

The GW24 rotary glasswasher and the GT-18 series rotary rack glasswashers are the ideal choice for an underbar environment.

GT-18 and GW24 Rotary Glasswashers

The GT-24 and GT-30 rotary glasswashers are best suited for pass-thru cocktail station applications.

GT-24 Rotary Glasswasher

The GWS66 Glasswashing Station includes:

  • GW24 glasswasher with 01001500 slide-out chemical bottle rack
  • SWB-18-DW wet waste sink cabinet with 03005491 trash receptacle
  • DBGR-24-RS drainboard glassrack with roll-out shelves
GWS66 Glasswashing Station

Cocktail Stations

Cocktail Stations

Ever have a customer wait for a drink? Chances are your bartender is running ragged…and looking for help! Teamwork is the key. A Glastender Cocktail Station builds as many steps of the Cocktail Life Cycle™ as possible into one compact station and then provides access to both the bartender and cocktail servers so they can share the work.

Cocktail Life Cycle

Glastender Cocktail Stations are available in three varieties:

  • Assembly Style for making drinks
  • Disassembly Style for handling soiled glassware
  • Complete Style for making drinks and handling soiled glassware

Bar Fabrication

Glastender Underbar Equipment is manufactured with stainless steel. Each order is specifically designed for you, pre-assembled at the factory, then broken into shippable sections for a no hassle installation. Our incredible variety of products as well as our ability to make custom pieces means you will be sure to get the perfect layout for your needs.

See also Choice Bar Fabrication

Choice Bar Fabrication

Better or best. It's your choice. Glastender's main underbar line is superior to Perlick's, yet is priced competitively. Our superior features cost more to manufacture, which means we cannot always beat Perlick's price. To remedy this situation, we developed the Choice line of underbar to compare more directly with Perlick, while still distinguishing itself with the following set of superior features:

  • All stainless steel fabrication
  • One-piece seamless top and backsplash, excluding ice bins and corners
  • A generous 14" underbar skirt
  • Welded construction with bolt-on legs
  • Integral, welded backsplash stiffeners

See also Bar Fabrication

Modular Bar Die

With Glastender Modular Bar Die, underbar equipment is mounted and supported on the bar die instead of having legs and simply being pushed up against a millwork bar die. The result on the bartender side is a beautiful and innovative line-up that is sealed to the floor and is all stainless steel.

Modular Bar Die eliminates the need for underbar leg sets and provides a chase-way for soda, beer, electrical, and plumbing lines.

Millwork bar top and front finishing panels are supplied by your mill-worker.

Bar Refrigeration

Glastender offers the industry's largest variety of Bar Refrigeration and accessories to provide you with tailor-made solutions. Available in a variety of sizes for reach-in or slide top applications and for cooling and frosting. The reach-in models are available with shelves, drawers, or keg racks and with a variety of door finishes and top styles. The durable cabinets and efficient refrigeration systems are designed to withstand years of commercial use.


Space maximizing refrigeration - Glastender’s new line of space-maximizing coolers and frosters offer increased capacity and functionality not normally found in a compact footprint.

Slide Top Coolers and Frosters are 24" deep and are available in a variety of lengths. All models include a stainless steel interior with exterior finish options of black vinyl-clad or stainless steel.

Kitchen Fabrication

Glastender manufactures and diverse line of highly configurable kitchen fabrication products providing you with tailor-made solutions.

Modular Beverage Stations are configured and manufactured to your specific requirements. A complete line up is designed by selecting from the top options and then specifying the module types and sizes to mount below the top. Stations ship complete in lengths up to 144".


Work Tables are all stainless steel including reinforcement channels and are available in depths from 18ʺ to 36ʺ and lengths from 18ʺ to 144ʺ in one-half inch increments.


Compartment Sinks are all stainless steel and available with one, two, three or four fabricated compartments and optional drainboards. Available in depths from 24ʺ to 36ʺ and lengths from 24ʺ to 144ʺ one-half inch increments.


Dish Cabinets are all stainless steel including fixed mid-shelf and reinforcement channels. Available in lengths from 36ʺ to 108ʺ in one-half inch increments.


Soiled and Clean Dish Tables are all stainless steel and highly configurable with a variety of top and base options.


Wall-Mount Shelves are all stainless steel including support brackets. Available in lengths from 24ʺ to 144ʺ in one-half inch increments.

Kitchen Refrigeration

Glastender manufactures and variety of specialty kitchen refrigeration products to provide solutions for niche applications.

Undercounter Coolers

Undercounter Coolers are 24" deep and available in a variety of lengths and finishes.


Lettuce Crispers are 24" wide and have a chute with flip-up door for easy access to shredded lettuce. Available for wall-mount or countertop applications.


Wall-Mount Coolers are 24" wide and 18" deep and available for wall-mount or countertop applications.


Countertop Merchandisers are 24" wide and 22" deep and include doors on the front and back for ease of use and restocking.


Drop-In Ice Cream Freezers hold ice cream at dipping temperature and are available for one or two 3-gallon tubs with an optional integrated, seamless-welded dipper well.


Mobile Ice Cream Freezers hold two 3-gallon tubs at dipping temperature and include casters and a stainless steel interior and exterior.

Draft Beer & Wine Dispensing

Remote draft beer and wine dispensing systems are an excellent way to enhance the profitability of your bar operation. Just as the brewery takes great care to brew, store and distribute kegs of draft beer to your establishment, you need a remote system that will dispense your draft beer properly and help maintain brewery freshness.

Draft wine dispensing is similar to beer dispensing, except that wine cannot come into contact with the chrome plated brass hardware that some manufacturers use for their dispensing faucets. Glastender manufactured beer towers come standard with 304 series stainless steel faucets and shanks, ensuring proper handling of wine.

Each Glastender remote draft beer & wine system is individually engineered at the factory and our experienced Glastender authorized installers are there to ensure your system works properly.

Direct draw beer and wine dispensing is also an option by converting one of our bar profile coolers from shelf storage to keg storage. Appropriate coolers are identified with the “Draft Compatible” logo in the bar refrigeration section of our Product Directory & Price List.

Our inside sales staff is ready to design your next draft beverage system. You can reach them at 800-748-0423 or via email at

Vinfinity Wine Preservation System

Expand your wine-by-the-glass service and increase revenue with the Glastender Vinfinity® Wine Preservation System. Its patented technology removes 95% of the air in any open bottle in less than two seconds, protecting wine flavor after every pour to minimize waste and maximize profit.

The Glastender Vinfinity® central vacuum unit comes in a vertical (CVU-V) or horizontal (CVU-H, shown) module that is conveniently located inside a cabinet within your underbar layout.

Bottle Disintegration System

Glastender's Bottle Disintegration System increases your cash flow by decreasing your trash flow. The unit can reduce the volume of bottles by up to 85%, lowering your disposal fees.



Glastender Literature


Directories / Brochures

Our product brochures are available online in pdf format. Adobe Reader is required to view the files.

Spec Sheets

Product specification sheets (spec sheets) are available online in pdf format.
To view and/or print an entire set of spec sheets in a category, click on the All (Product) Spec Sheets link found in each section. All (Product) Spec Sheets include an index and have been configured to print 2-sided.
Adobe Reader is required to view the files.

Bar Fabrication Specs

All Underbar Spec Sheets - excluding Choice Underbar Spec Sheets

Choice Bar Fabrication Specs

All Choice Underbar Spec Sheets

Modular Bar Die Specs

NOTE: This spec sheet is included in All Underbar Spec Sheets

Bar Refrigeration Specs

Reach-In Coolers

Pass-Thru Coolers


Slide Top Coolers

Mug Frosters

To view bar refrigeration spec sheets of products manufactured in 2018, visit

Backbar Storage Units

Related Products and Accessories

Underbar and Back Bar Cooler Details

To view bar refrigeration spec sheets of products manufactured in 2018, visit

Bottle Disintegration System Spec

BDS with Index Page


Our most current Operation Manuals and Parts Directories may be downloaded by following the links below. Some files are in excess of 1 megabyte and may take some time to access depending on your device configuration. If you experience any trouble opening these files, please contact us.

Adobe Reader is required to view the files.

NOTE: Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact our service department for current parts pricing.

Underbar & Backbar Manuals

  • Vertical Door Coolers Operation Manual and Parts Directory
    PLEASE NOTE: This manual does not include:
    • BB and ND Coolers manufactured after 2009
    • KC60 Coolers prior to SN 134124073N, KC84 Coolers with S/N's beginnig with 134, and manufactured 2017 and AFTER
           and serial numbers 134169912 & 404169912 and AFTER, and all KC108 Coolers
    • FV Coolers after May, 2013
    • LP Coolers manufactured after 2010
    • PT Self-Contained Coolers manufactured 2017 and AFTER and serial numbers 134169912 & 404169912 and AFTER
    • Remote BB24, BB48, BB72, BB96, ND40, ND60, ND80, LP48, LP72, LP96, PT48, PT72, and PT96 coolers 2017 and AFTER and serial numbers 134169912 & 404169912 and AFTER
    Before ordering parts, check the Serial Number of your product against the Cooler Serial Number Information found on page 2 of this manual.

Mug Froster Manuals

Food Service Manuals

  • Lettuce Crisper, Countertop Merchandiser, Wall-Mount Refrigerator Operaton Manual and Parts Directory
    This manual is specific to:
  • Lettuce Crispers manufactured 09/23/2011 and after starting with SN 134133546X and up to and including SN 134171318X and prior to 03/15/2017
  • Countertop Merchandisers manufactured 09/22/2011 and after starting with SN 134136045and up to and including SN 134171318X and prior to 03/15/2017
  • Wall-Mount Refrigerators manufactured 09/22/2011 and after starting with SN 134133503 and up to and including SN 134171318X and prior to 03/15/2017
  • Undercounter Refrigerator - March 15, 2017 and After
    This manual is specific to Undercounter Refrigerators manufactured March 15, 2017 and after.
  • Undercounter Refrigerator - July 23, 2008 and After and Prior to March 15, 2017
    This manual is specific to Undercounter Refrigerators manufactured July 23, 2008 and after starting with SN 134117542F and prior to March 15, 2017.
  • Undercounter Refrigerator - Archived
    This manual is specific to Undercounter Refrigerators manufactured PRIOR TO July 23, 2008 and PRIOR TO Serial Number 134117542F.

Stainless Steel Care & Cleaning Manual


GW24 Operation and Maintenance

GT-18 Operation and Maintenance

Glass Stop Switch Adjustment Service Video

Lettuce Crisper Operation and Maintenance

GDU Operation and Maintenance

BDS Operation and Maintenance

Dixell Controller Service Video

Full Gauge Controller Service Video

ALrC Error Reprogramming Service Video

Clearing Glastender Choice Drainboard Drain Tray

Glastender Rinser Faucet Maintenance

Patent Information and Trademarks

Glastender Patent Information and Trademarks PDF




Design & CAD Files

Our Design Services

Whether you are working on a new installation or remodeling an existing location, we can assist you in developing a bar design that is just right for you. Our design services are free - just forward us a sketch of your bar and a basic list of requirements. Contact our sales department via fax at 989.752.4444 or via email at

Hands-On Approach

AutoCAD® files are welcome. If you are interested in taking a more hands-on approach to designing your bar, download the 1/4" scale graph paper below. The graph paper allows you to easily keep items to scale while drawing your bar by hand.

Download AutoCAD® and Revit Files

You may also download our AutoCAD® equipment files from the KCL Library -

Glastender, Inc.   ·   800.748.0423   ·




Glastender Contact

Company Directory

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm EST.

Glastender, Inc.
5400 North Michigan
Saginaw, MI 48604-9780
Phone: 989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423
Fax: 989.752.4444

For literature requests, please contact


Inside Sales Staff

Sales North and East Territories - AL, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NH, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, PA, RI, SC, SD, Eastern TN, VT, VA, WV, WI, and all countries outside the United States

Sales South and West Territories - AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, HI, LA, ID, MS, MT, NM, NV, OK, OR, Western TN, TX, UT, WA, WY

Customer Support

Parts and Technical Service

  • David Moore, Parts & Technical Service
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 145
  • John Janson, Parts & Technical Service
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 129
  • Gene Glazier, Parts & Technical Service
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 105
  • Anthony Hatch, Quality & Tech Service Supervisor
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 226



Human Resources

  • Ann Lopez, Sr. Human Resources Professional
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 110


Quality Control

  • Anthony Hatch, Quality & Tech Service Supervisor
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 226

Engineering and Production

Shipping and Receiving

  • Steve Gunn, Shipping & Receiving Supervisor
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 141


Service and Parts

Please contact us if you have questions on warranty or technical service. We have specialists available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm EST to answer your questions.

For parts and technical service:

  • David Moore, Parts & Technical Service
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 145
  • John Janson, Parts & Technical Service
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 129
  • Gene Glazier, Parts & Technical Service
    989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423 · ext 105
  • Fax FOR PARTS ONLY: 800.838.0888

For warranty issues:

Additional information:

  • Service Videos
    To view the service videos listed below, see Videos on our Literature page.
    • Glass Stop Switch Adjustment Service Video
    • Dixell Controller Service Video
    • Full Gauge Digital Controller
    • ALrC Error Reprogramming
    • Clearing Glastender Choice Drainboard Drain Tray
    • Glastender Rinser Faucet Maintenance
  • Find a Field Service Agent by clinking on the Service Agents header below.

Service Agents

USA Service Agents

To find a service agent near you zoom into your city/state and tap the map location icon of your choice to bring up the service agent's contact information.

Canada Service Agents

  • Metro Alberta, Northwest Territories
    Service Glasswashers
    Key Food Equipment Services

    • Key Locations

      Key Vancouver
      Serving Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas:
      #145 - 8528 Glenlyon Parkway
      Burnaby BC  V5J 0B6
      604.433.4484 or 604.KEY.FOOD
      Toll-Free: 1.800.665.2655
      Fax: 604.433.4684

      Key Vancouver Island
      Serving all of Vancouver Island:
      #1-3942 Quadra Street
      Victoria BC  V8X 1J6
      Phone: 250.920.4888
      Fax: 250.920.4883
      Toll-Free: 1.877.435.4888

      Key Kelowna
      Serving the Central Okanagan and Southern Interior:
      #1 – 1965 Moss Court
      Kelowna BC  V1Y 9L3
      Phone: 250.860.5057
      Fax: 250.860.2603
      Toll-Free: 1.877.860.5057

      Key Edmonton
      Serving Edmonton and Red Deer North:
      5845 Gateway Blvd.
      Edmonton AB  T6H 2H3
      Phone: 780.438.1690
      Fax: 780.436.7999
      Toll-Free: 1.800.665.2655

      Key Lethbridge
      Serving Lethbridge and Southern Alberta:
      1110 3 Avenue North
      Lethbridge AB T1H 0H6
      Phone: 403.327.7368
      Fax: 403.329.1057
      Toll-Free: 1.800.665.2655

      Key Saskatoon
      Serving Saskatoon and Northern Saskatchewan:
      Unit 125, Millar Landing 2834 Millar Avenue
      Saskatoon SK  S7K 5X7
      Phone: 306.649.3663
      Fax: 306.649.3664
      Toll-Free: 1.800.665.2655

      Key Regina
      Serving Regina and Southern Saskatchewan:
      470 Henderson Drive
      Regina SK S4N 5W9
      Phone: 306.721.3663
      Fax: 306.721.3664
      Toll-Free: 1.800.665.2655
  • Metro Ottawa, Ontario
    Service Glasswashers
    HRD Ktchen Services
    2-1580 Liverpool CT
    Ottawa ON K1B-4L2
    Fax: 613.744.2245
  • Toronto, Canada Area
    Refrigeration Service
    HLM Refrigeration & Gas
    131 Whitmore Road Unit #9
    Woodbridge ON L4L 6E2
    416.806.6877 Service
    905.264.3120 Office

    Service Glasswashers and Refrigeration
    14 Automatic Road Unit 33
    Brampton, ON L6S 5N5

    Service Glasswashers
    Stell Mechanical
    25 Iron Street
    Etobicoke ON M9W 5E3
    Fax: 905.257.6429

Sales Reps

For your convenience, we have sales representatives in the United States and internationally (see International Territories below). If your country is not listed, please contact our Sales Department located in our Company Directory.

Sales Rep Map

Territory 1

Michigan Lower Penninsula & Indiana (excluding Gary, Indiana zip codes 46300 - 46499 - see Territory 3)

  • Tom Swartz
    55503 Apple Lane
    Shelby Township, MI 48316
    Cell 586.243.0092
  • Mike McCrone
    1576 Scully Rd.
    Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
    Cell 989.400.0128
  • Bill Hoffman
    Territory Manager/National Account Specialist
    Mt. Pleasant, MI
    Cell 989.621.3522
  • Matt Swift
    1025 Falcon Creek Parkway
    Ft. Wayne, IN 46845
    Cell 317.460.9337

Territory 2

Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, & Pennsylvania consisting of zip codes 15000 - 16599

  • Kevin Felix
    11424 Spencer Mills Rd.
    Spencer, OH 44275
    Cell 216.701.3904
  • Patrick J. Malloy
    328 W. Crescentville Rd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45246
    Cell 513.886.6654
    Fax 614.899.9797
  • Bob Stefka
    6903 Fallen Leaf Circle
    Louisville, KY 40241
    Cell 502.773.9652
  • John Schmeck
    1185 Balkan Dr.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15239
  • Ger Noonan
    2017 East 9th St., Sky7
    Cleveland, OH 44115
    Cell 317.696.2942

Territory 3

Illinois (excluding zip codes 62000 - 62299, 62400 - 62499, 62800 - 62999, 63000 - 63999 - see Territory 5) and Gary, Indiana - zip codes 46300 - 46499

Territory 4

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Western Wisconsin consisting of zip codes 54000 - 54099

Territory 5

Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois consisting of zip codes 62000 - 62299, 62400 - 62499, and 62800 - 62999, 63000 - 63999

Territory 6

Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania consisting of zip codes 16600 - 19699 and New Jersey consisting of zip codes 08000 - 08799

  • Jim Miles, Matthew Miles
    11 Markham Court
    Hockessin DE 19707
    Fax 302.239.4205
    Cell - Jim 302.530.0071
    Cell - Matthew 302.650.3037

Territory 7

Metro New York City consisting of zip codes 10000 - 11999, and Northern New Jersey consisting of zip codes 07000 - 07999, and 08800 - 08999

Territory 8

New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut

  • David Viola, Curt Ibbitson, Beverly Jones, Rosina Boyd, Maryann Erdman, Donna Andrews, Brian Wizst
    One Orchard Park #11
    Madison, CT 06443
    Fax 203.245.8974

Territory 9

Alabama, Georgia, Eastern Tennessee consisting of zip codes 37000 - 37499, 37600 - 37999, and 38400 - 38599, and Florida Panhandle consisting of zip codes 32400 – 32599

Territory 10

Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho consisting of zip codes 83200 - 83499

Territory 11

Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho consisting of zip codes 83500 - 83899

  • Steve Schmalz
    Outside Sales
    Cell 425.971.5521
  • Dave Voeller
    7441 SW Corbett
    Portland, OR 97219
    Fax 503.452.0222
    Cell 503.539.1559

Territory 12

Upstate New York consisting of zip codes 12000 - 14999

  • Ron Bowerman, Jeff Youker, Mike Hayes, Gail Kocienski, Judy Tingley, Jennifer Tingley, Steve Homberger
    P. O. Box 616
    Liverpool, NY 13088
    Fax 315.453.5284

    Shipping: 4522 Morgan Place
    Liverpool, NY 13090

Territory 13

Northern California consisting of zip codes 93600 - 96199, and Northern Nevada consisting of zip codes 89300 - 89899

    5942 Las Positas Rd.
    Livermore, CA 94551
    925.456.7991 Fax

    • Malcolm Cerri
      President, Outside Sales in the San Francisco Bay Area, Training and Demonstrations
      Cell 510.760.2090

    • Erik Van Orman
      Outside Sales - Sacramento, Reno, Training and Demonstrations
      Cell 510.760.2059

    • Gloria Picinini
      Chef, Cullinary Support, Outside Sales in the Fresno Area, Training and Demonstrations
      Cell 510.760.2091

    • Stephanie Adams
      Inside Sales, Quoting, Order Processing, Customer Service
      Cell 510.760.2089

    • Sue Lambert-Cerri
      Inside Sales, Quoting, Bookkeeping, Order Processing, Customer Service
      Cell 925.784.9309

Territory 14

Southern California consisting of zip codes 90000 - 93599, and Southern Nevada consisting of zip codes 89000 – 89199

    2120 East Winston Rd.
    Anaheim, CA 92806
    Fax 714.490.0269
  • Sales:
    • Darrel Chamberlain
      Las Vegas Territory
      Ext. 249
      Cell: 702.249.0033

    • Sean Michaud
      Orange County, Los Angeles, South Bay
      Ext. 242
      Cell: 714.469.7420

    • Zeke Spence
      San Diego
      Ext. 203
      Cell: 619.405.0629
  • Customer Service/Quotations:
  • Business Administration:
  • School and Chain Accounts:

Territory 15

Oklahoma and Texas (excuding zip codes 79800 - 79999 - see Territory 23)

  • E-SOURCE - Houston
    Jared Woodard, Contact
    5214 Timbershade Drive
    Kingwood, TX 77345
    800.856.0066 (main office)
    888.896.0985 FAX (main office)
  • E-SOURCE - Austin
    Zach Greene, Contact
    5810 Mopac Expwy, Ste 2200
    Austin, TX 78731
    800.856.0066 (main office)
    888.896.0985 FAX (main office)
  • E-SOURCE - San Antonio
    John Thomas, Contact
    5810 Mopac Expwy, Ste 2200
    Austin, TX 78731
    800.856.0066 (main office)
    888.896.0985 FAX (main office)
  • E-SOURCE - Oklahoma
    Chris Barbee, Contact
    3680 W. Royal Ln., Ste 155
    Irving, TX 75063
    Cell: 806.316.9494

Territory 16

Arkansas, Louisianna, Mississippi, and western Tennessee consisting of zip codes 38000 - 38399

Territory 17

North Carolina and South Carolina

  • Mike Holland, Diane Holland

    209 Charing Cross Drive
    Matthews, NC 28105

    P. O. Box 2675
    Matthews, NC 28106

    Fax 704.841.4447
    Cell - Mike 704.579.7978
    Cell - Diane 704.579.7979
  • Kip Holland
    1401 Canal Drive, Unit #20
    Carolina Beach, NC 28428
    Fax 910.458.3196
    Cell 704.579.0362

Territory 18

State of Florida (excluding zip codes 32400 - 32599 - see Territory 9)

  • FINN FOODSERVICE - Main Office
    14605 McCormick Drive
    Tampa FL 33626
    Fax 813.925.1607

Territory 19


  • Kent McGirr
    98-1429 B Kaahumanu Street
    Aiea, Hawaii 96701
    Fax 808.486.8058

Territory 23

Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas consisting of zip codes 79800 - 79999

Territory 34

Michigan Upper Penninsula including zip codes 49800 - 49999 and Wisconsin (excluding zip codes 54000 – 54099 - see Territory 4)

  • Bob Davis, Deb Davis, Kathy Zuehlke, Paul Davis, Joel Mertz, Tim Hesiak
    W184 S8366 Challenger Drive
    Muskego, WI 53150
    888.679.9510 toll free
    Fax 262.679.5441

International Territories

Canada, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Mexico, India, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Sub Saharan Africa


Canadian Provinces of British Columbia and Yukon

Province of Alberta

Canadian Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Western Ontario (up to Thunder Bay)

  • Mike Goska
    40 Coral Reef Cove
    Winnipeg, MB R3X 1G5
    Fax 204.256.1410

Province of Ontario (Not including Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie)

Province of Quebec and the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick

  • Yves Duchesneau
    965 route des Rivières, #108
    Lévis, Québec, Canada
    G7A 0P6
    Fax 418.496.1907
    Cell 418.580.0306

Caribbean, Central & South America, Mexico


  • Vickram Mederata
    125C G.F. Shahpur Jat (Park Facing)
    Sirifort Road, New Delhi 110049
    Phone +91.11.41550060
    Cell +91.9873000055

Middle East, Asia Pacific

    24 Broad Street
    Norwalk, CT 06851 USA
    Phone 203.847.6446
    Fax 203.849.9526

    Asia Pacific Sales:
    Derek Dominici
    Ext. 25

    Middle East Sales:
    Steven Straut
    Ext. 27

Sub Saharan Africa

  • Includes Mauritius, Madagaskar, Reunion Islands
    Registered Address:
    50 Tagore Lane #02-11C
    Entrepreneur Centre, Singapore 787494
    Trade Office:
    50 Raffles Place, Lev-30, Singapore Land Tower
    Singapore 048623
    +65 3158 3381, 6632.3657
    Kushalah Bucktowar



Current Job Openings


Compensation and personal satisfaction gained from doing a job well are only some of the reasons people work. Most likely, many other factors count among your reasons for working - pleasant relationships and working conditions, career development and promotion opportunities, and health benefits are just a few. Glastender, Inc. is committed to doing its part to assure employees of a satisfying work experience.

Glastender, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. This is reflected in all our practices and policies regarding hiring, training, promotions, transfers, and compensation. All matters relating to employment are based upon ability to perform the job as well as dependability and reliability once hired.

Positions, Pay, and Benefits

The most frequent job openings are within our production department. These positions include:

  • Assemblers
  • Welders
  • Press Brake Operators / Machine Operators
  • Sheet Metal Computer Programmers
  • Engineering Technicians and Engineers

We have found that our production positions provide employees with a great springboard for future positions within the company. Developing a strong, first-hand knowledge of our equipment makes our other positions much easier to master.

Glastender, Inc. is a team-based organization seeking employees interested in working in a goal-oriented environment which actively involves employees with growing the company through continuous improvement activities

Our benefits include competitive pay, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan and tuition reimbursement to name a few.

Application Process


Current Job Openings


To contact Glastender Human Resources Department:

Glastender, Inc.
Human Resources Department
5400 North Michigan
Saginaw, MI 48604-9780

989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423, ext. 110 or ext. 112



Glastender, Inc. provides equal employment opportunity for everyone regardless of age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, height, weight, marital status, political belief, or disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions.


Map to Glastender, Inc. World Headquarters


Glastender, Inc.
5400 North Michigan
Saginaw, MI 48604-9780
Phone: 989.752.4275 or 800.748.0423
Fax: 989.752.4444

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Headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, USA, Glastender, Inc. was established in 1969 when our founder and CEO, Jon D. Hall invented the world’s first automatic rotary glasswasher.

The cutting-edge glasswasher design saved space and eliminated wasted steps for bartenders.

Early rotary glasswasher

The second automatic rotary glasswasher sold was incorporated into a pass-thru cocktail station. The innovative station design allowed bartenders and servers to work as a team, doubling bartender output.

Jon pioneered a sense of creativity, flexibility, and feature focus that continues to be ingrained in the culture of our family business to this day. Our enthusiasm for developing new products to meet customer needs has contributed to the tremendous expansion of our product line. We now manufacture a complete line of quality bar equipment and several specialty food service products.

In Remembrance

In 1979 Jay H. Kegerreis joined Glastender, Inc. as a corporate investor and Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. He provided the company with much needed expertise in business, sales, and finance. Along with Jon’s talent for creative design, they formed the perfect alliance that became the backbone of Glastender’s success and continued growth. When Jay Kegerreis passed away in January 1998, Jon D. Hall, Sr. resumed sole ownership of the company.

Jay Kegerreis


From our humble beginnings in a 15,000 square foot building, we have expanded our factory five times. Completed in December of 2009, our most recent expansion brought us to over 189,000 square feet under one roof.

In addition to expanding the physical size of our factory, we have continued to invest in state-of-the-art equipment. A key element in the quality of our products and our efficiency in manufacturing is the utilization of leading-edge automated sheet metal processing equipment.

We invest in our employees as well, providing training and often promoting from within. Our partnership with our employees includes our introduction of open book management in early 2009, allowing all of our employees to have an understanding of our company and how they contribute to our success. Employees see weekly results of the company performance and have a financial interest in the outcome.


We focus on flexibility, having the largest number of bar products in the industry. In addition, we are able to make custom units to serve special needs.


We pay attention to the details. Each piece of equipment is engineered with features that enhance your efficiency, ease your maintenance, and prolong the life of your investment.


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then our competition is saying great things about us. Our attention to detail and focus on efficiency has lead to many innovative firsts that have been replicated by others in the industry. Several of our designs have even become the industry standard. Examples are as follows:

  • GT-24 rotary glasswasher
  • GT-18 door type rack glasswasher
  • Pass-thru cocktail stations
  • All stainless steel underbar
  • Combination ice bins
  • The use of plastic breaker strip as a thermal break around an ice bin liner
  • Soda gun holders
  • Drainboard design that includes a pan with a separate perforated insert
  • Corner fillers as drainboards instead of flat stainless fillers
  • Underbar liquor displays on 16" legs
  • Speed rail open step and rail design
  • Underbar liquor displays and speed rails with plastic sound deadening covers
  • Speed rail clear, lift-off liquor identification covers
  • Modular bar die
  • Single door front-venting back bar cooler
  • 12" compressor compartments on back bar coolers to maintain even overall dimensions
  • 35" high back bar cabinet
  • Narrow door coolers
  • Reach-in mug chiller
  • Glass ice display units
  • One-piece top with integrated mullion on slide top coolers and mug frosters
  • Beer line chillers with remote installable control panel

Design Expertise

Not only are we a world class manufacturer, we are also experts in bar design. Our dedicated and experienced sales team works closely with the customer to create efficient bar designs, improving their chances of success.

Our designs are based on function. We work with you from conception to realization. We ask the right questions to determine your needs and design the most productive layout possible. Our bar designs combined with our incredible product features give you the most efficient and easy to maintain bar possible.

Big enough to handle your needs, yet small enough to listen

As we are one of the largest bar equipment manufacturers in the world, we have the resources necessary to meet your needs. At the same time, we are a specialty manufacturer. We are still small enough to listen and respond to your special requests. Almost all of our production is made to order, allowing us to pay attention to the details.

Expect More

The flexibility you want. The features you need. Glastender. Expect more.

Family Business

Jon Hall always encouraged the involvement of his family and each of his five children have worked in the business at one time or another. Currently, son Todd Hall (President), daughter Kim Norris (Vice President of Administration) and son-in-law Mark Norris (Vice President of Operations) handle all of the business operations, which allows Jon to focus on his true passion of designing new products.

From left to right, Jon Hall (CEO), Todd Hall (President), Kim Norris (VP of Admin), and Mark Norris (VP of Operations)



Jon Hall joins his father, William, in the company business Equipment Distributing Company, a dealer focusing on distributing and leasing Kold-Draft® ice machines.

Jon attends his first National Restaurant Association Show.


Jon invents the world’s first ice dispenser.


Jon invents the world’s first automatic rotary glasswasher which is called a “Glastender”. The name Glastender becomes a new business venture.


Moved from original leased factory in downtown Saginaw to our current location in Kochville Township by purchasing a 12,400 square foot facility on Agricola Drive.


Started offering stainless steel underbar.


Jay H. Kegerreis joined Glastender, Inc. as a corporate investor and Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. He provided the company with much needed expertise in business, sales, and finance.


First expansion, adding 4,600 square feet for a total of 17,000. Also purchased our first Strippit rotary turret punch machine.


Purchased the assets of Cooler Corporation of America, a Florida manufacturing company specializing in keg coolers, which marks our entry into the bar refrigeration category.

Started using AutoCAD symbols to create bar layouts.


Sold our first modular bar die job.

Started selling the GT-18 glasswasher, an 18” wide door-type rotary.

Second expansion, consisting of 24,000 feet for a total of 41,000. Also purchased our second Strippit rotary turret punch machine.

Our first mobile design center begins touring the country.


Third expansion, adding 60,000 square feet for a total of 101,000. Also purchased our first Salvagnini flexible manufacturing system.

Started providing remote draft beer systems by purchasing the remote beverage equipment line from Habco, Inc. of Toronto, Canada.


Jay Kegerreis passed away prematurely in January.


Purchased Salvagnini robotic panel bender and a second flexible manufacturing system.

Sold our first bar package in India to the Imperial Hotel in Delhi.


Sillem automatic welding and sanding machines were added to production to automatically weld sink bowls into work surfaces.

Fourth expansion, adding 24,000 square foot two-story office building, for a total of 125,000 square feet. Now occupy the corner of Michigan Road and Agricola Drive, changing our address to 5400 North Michigan Road.


Added a Mazak Laser and Haas milling machine.


Released our end-wall refrigerated back bar coolers that move the evaporator out of the main cabinet, increasing storage capacity by up to 48 more bottles.


Released our completely redesigned underbar line with one-piece seamless tops and camlocks to join adjacent backsplashes, among other exclusive features.

Purchased a robotic welder and released our 16 gauge stainless steel fabricated three and four compartment sink bowls that are 2.9 times as thick as our competitors 20 gauge drawn bowls.


Todd Hall named President in August.

Fifth expansion begins, adding 64,000 square feet for a total of 189,000. Also purchased our Salvagnini MV sheet metal storage and retrieval system, Salvagnini L2 laser, and SteelMaster deburring system.


Began complete open book management operating style.


Jon attends his 50th consecutive National Restaurant Association show in a row.


Redefined the rotary glasswasher market by releasing our all new GW24 Glasswasher, which used up to 59% less water and 87% less energy than common industry rotary glasswashers.


Introduced our Glastender Bottle Disintegration System which lowers disposal fees by reducing the volume of glass bottles by as much as 85%.


Introduced the new Choice by Glastender underbar line designed to compare more directly with the industry standard, while still distinguishing itself with many superior features.

Introduced our Mixology Units with a compact design to provide the extra features necessary to efficiently create craft cocktails in a minimum amount of space.


Introduced the Vinfinity Wine Preservation System with its patented technology of removing 95% of the air in any open bottle in less than two seconds, protecting wine flavor after every pour to minimize waste and maximize profit.


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